Fletcher Challenge Archives is a corporate archive established in 1986 to ensure the preservation of records of long term value relating to the origins, history, functions, policies, organisation and activities of Fletcher Challenge Limited and to make these available for reference purposes. These records of the antecedents and predecessor companies of Fletcher Challenge Group provide the raw material for a wide range of research interests.

What Sort Of Records Are Held

Records held are those illustrating the major functions and operations of Fletcher Challenge Limited and its subsidiaries. This includes such records as:

  • Minutes
  • Board papers (directors meetings)
  • Executive's papers
  • Copyright and patents
  • Company Secretarial records
  • Financial records - from old ledgers to printouts and electronic records
  • Reports, planning and projects
  • Deeds, contracts and agreements
  • Research and development
  • Human Resources material
  • Acquisition and divestment
  • Staff activities including social and sporting events
  • Statutory Records
  • Correspondence, letters and memorandums
  • Shareholders information
  • Public Relations and communications
  • Oral histories and manuscripts
  • Annual Reports and company publications
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Policy development and evaluation
  • Employee communications

Formats include photographic documents, photographic media, maps, architectural plans, films, videos, audio, newspapers and publications.

Location And Facilities

The Archive is usually open Tuesday and Wednesday 9am – 3pm.

Access is by appointment only and an Access Agreement is required to be signed by readers.

Please use the request form to contact the Archivist about your requirements and area of research.

The Archive is located in Penrose, Auckland

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